1xbet has the best odds on the market for several games and bets every single day

1xbet has the best odds on the market for several games and bets every single day

I always try to get as much out of the new customer bonus as possible. And I managed to do that pretty well at 1xbet, which in turn was certainly also due to the good odds. 1xbet has the best odds on the market for several games and bets every single day. This is of course also noticeable on the betting account. I could therefore only recommend 1xbet. In my opinion, 1xbet deserves positive feedback (from me), ultimately due to the fact that they pay out all winnings. In addition, it has no betting limits and the greatest conditions for players. a good bookmaker that I’ve been using for about a year. The lines and odds are good. Unfortunately, there were no deposit and withdrawal options via Neteller. The design of the website actually leaves a little to be desired, unfortunately I’m a customer of this dirty shop. In the beginning everything went really well, even withdrawals went well and quickly. Well, last week I deposited € 100 via VISA. The amount is also visible but I can neither bet nor make a withdrawal !!! Have already emailed a good copy of the front and back of the PAW several times but it always says the quality is bad, which will be not true! It goes back and forth every day now and I can’t get my money!

Does anyone have a solution ??? Hello. I have the same problems. The first payment of at least 300 euros was easy and quick, even without any verification. But now that I want to have winnings paid out (more than my deposits) they require a high-resolution photo with a PC screen, ID and face, completely impossible to take such a photo. In addition, I’ve been getting worse odds since the withdrawal request. I signed up once normally and once incognito, the odds are consistently lower. Maybe I’ll complain to Curacao Gaming one day. From the beginning I was skeptical and didn’t expect that much from this bookmaker, but in the last 8 months I have already received 2- and 3-digit amounts several times.

Does that mean something? I don’t want to make strong statements, but I’m fine with everything. a completely normal bookmaker after I’m at 3K, I would be said to have had some relationship with a Björn Wulke. Perfidious highly criminal business model, feed players with high odds when they win, freeze accounts. Hello, I feel the same way, see my article under WB. What did you do??? Gibzs a chance to get his money back ?? Please info. Thank you. in my opinion you have to check at least one basic statistic before the match and start with the small amounts and then continue to place larger amounts. that’s how it always works for me. no matter betway, bwin or 1xbet a verification is made impossible by impossible requirements for a photo (myself with my personal ID in hand in front of the laptop where the emails from the security service should also be read).1xbet cricket All in high resolution quality. Before that, you only needed to take photos of the personal ID + credit card and then more and more claims. This is pure chicane in order not to have to pay out winnings. Hello, I’m in the same position. Constant request to send photos associated with PAW with better quality! What did you do??? Please info. Thank you.

See my contribution from 10/25/19 under WB. Ok, now I have to ask if we bet with the same provider. So far only had good experiences with 1xbet. After registering, I received a 100% deposit bonus. I use Neteller as a payment method and always receive my money very quickly. I am not at all afraid of the verification, because I have played honestly; D I already have a few years of experience with sports betting and 1xBet is not the initial bookie I sign up for. I’m not a bonus hunter but I value high odds. Customer service as I heard. When there was a delay in depositing, I got a detailed response after 30 minutes. For me, 1xbet is not the greatest provider, but it certainly has a high place in my list. Who writes all these negative responses? I’ve been betting here from time to time for 8 months. I signed up via a reflink. As for me, only that it is clear to everyone else: for me it was also the case that they asked for certified documents from me, but the whole process took a total of 5 days. After that, everything goes smoothly. Hence, I doubt the fact that all of these commentators played honestly. I think it’s a cheek how positively you represent the bookmaker 1xbet on your website.

I am definitely not going to give you an objective assessment. Are loads of fraud allegations for this bookmaker. The problems only arise when you want to cash out your winnings. In my case, bets were made that I never made myself and that emptied my betting account. It was then claimed that all these bets were made from my account. So far I have not received a clear statement from 1xbet about my inquiries, apart from pre-formulated empty phrases.

At times they didn’t even respond to my inquiries. Absolute insolence. I would recommend that you do your research a little longer in many ways. People stay away from the juice shop. My Paypal deposit supposedly takes 24 hours and I wanted to play the night nicely, could actually throw up. I have now refused all bonuses and try to pay out directly when my money is on it but it won’t work anyway. hold your fingers off 1xbet. Had 570 euros on it, then I had to send endless documents. Then they asked me if I knew a certain person whom I could safely answer with no. After that, my account was blocked and I was only able to withdraw my deposited money. In chats you only hear about the procedure.

The advertisers supposedly get money if you lose! I would like to share my extremely miserable experience with 1xbet. After I had created an account and made a few small bets (10 Eur each) in a row (in the casino, I don’t use the sports betting), I wanted to set a deposit limit, but there was nowhere to find a corresponding link. So I contacted the support in the chat and additionally they informed me that this function was not available. Which was a reason for me to close the account immediately. Every reputable casino offers this function, which you can activate yourself within your account. No matter if time, stake, game limit or exclusion. When I kindly informed the support in the chat that I wanted to close my account because of gambling addiction problems (I am not addicted to games, but never play without limits), they told me that I had to send an email to a separate address with a request. That’s a no go. As soon as a player signals that he has problems with gambling addiction, the account must be closed immediately. But when I sent the email, it was really thick. I was asked to submit my documents (ID with selfi and account statements, as well as invoices from the last three months) before the account could be closed.

Depositing without ID check worked wonderfully. I didn’t even have to enter my address in my account. No cell phone verification. Nothing! I could have made UNLIMITED bets with my card. NO LIMIT (30,000 EUR per deposit are also possible)! That’s why I made it absolutely clear that I suffer from gambling addiction and that the account should simply be closed out of self-protection. And if I didn’t need a verification to make a deposit, it was definitely not to close the account. They simply ignored my objections and kept stoically telling me that I could not close the account without verification. AND that a decision will only be made after all documents have been submitted perhaps the account will undoubtedly be closed at all. This is not only grossly negligent, there is absolutely a scam behind it.

They wanted to avoid at all costs that I close the account, these criminals hope with this tactic for sales. This is not only frivolous, but extremely unfair and morally reprehensible. Here are one of the best odds. Very wide range of sporting events. Personally, I bet the most on tennis. Youth competitions are particularly interesting. I also found a couple of games that other bookmakers haven’t seen. A year ago I registered with 1xBet and received a attractive bonus. The website is pretty good and works fast, but the web design is a bit dated.

This betting company is known for its high odds. I play lot and have now no issues with withdrawals. One of the reliable betting shops. I have been betting at 1xBet for a long time and have never encountered a problem. I would suggest! That sounds hard like self-promotion. Can’t recommend this provider either. For the 2nd time the odds were adjusted AFTER placing the bet !!!

From a rate of 2.4 to a rate of 1.05. You have to imagine this. At least it worked, but it could just as easily have gone wrong. In my life I would not have placed a bet at this rate. Absolute cheek what is offered here and yet this provider is advertised worldwide. Sure it’s good odds and a great selection, but the sh *** load is not a bit serious. As soon as they made a mistake in setting the quota, the customer has to pay off the pigs. After all, I haven’t had any problems with withdrawals. I too have had one or two bad experiences! Please be careful with credit card deposits at the moment! The 1 x bet promises yes Free deposit from Germany with credit card unfortunately that is not the case…. Since November 1st, 2018, I have noticed that my credit card has a CHARGE FOR ABROAD USE WITH CREDIT CARD, i.e. 1x bet deposit provider has retrieved information from my credit card with a query in RUBEL for EURO! Exactly there arise for.mich costs… .per request 1.7% of the deposit. To date, no contact from 1xbet says. Always be comforted Please wait Please wait ….. For me this is often a 1xbet Terms and Conditions Fraud Or false statement I wrote to Live Support today and asked how about the verification …… According to the staff, I don’t have to verify myself can pay off like this! Funny when I paid in the money today and wanted to withdraw part of the money, I would have to send a copy of the ID card at once !!!!! So already a lie to feed the people at the beginning !!!!!! Somehow unprofessional !!!!! MFG Meier 1xbet is pure fraud.

It’s a cheek that there are sites like this that this betting provider is still promoting. I have the same experience with 1xbet. Qoutes reduced, no money paid out until now! It smells like deliberate manipulation, carefully printed out! Correct guy, I definitely don’t recommend this site, the biggest rip-off has the bonus of 90 euros upstaged to almost 400, it was already around 500 and I missed just over 1000 … thank god. you only get back the bonus that you paid in, i.e. even if you make 1000 out of it you get 90. the greatest cheek. 1xBet only has a limited license. So is an illegal betting provider on the German market. If you win, the odds are radically worsened. Winnings are only partially paid out, if at all, only after a long time and endless questions. Centered on your positive evaluation, I have to point out that I will employ a lawyer who will take legal action against you in the event of losses at this fraudulent company. Dr. Hugenholtzweg z / n UTS Building Curacao Cookie settings OK, all right. We use cookies to personalize content and advertisements, to produce social media functions and to analyze our website traffic.

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The focus is on an excellent range of sports betting with high odds, but the sports betting provider was also able to convince in the area of ​​bonus promotions, deposits and withdrawals as well as customer support and mobile betting. For our detailed 1xBet experiences just read on. 1XBET – Official betting partner of FC BARCELONA • Very high odds in football • Betting operator without tax • Wide range of betting options • 100% up to 100 euro new customer bonus • Ongoing offer of bonus promotions and competitions • Large selection of payment methods • No fees for deposits and withdrawals • Easily accessible customer service • The extensive range is sometimes at the expense of clarity. The first check the 1xBet website shows the readers of our football news, sports betting tips and livescore offers that they are treading different paths than most other bookmakers.